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Ajman is ruled by H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi of the Al Nuaimi tribe. The Crown Prince of the Emirate is Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi.

Ajman is smallest of the seven emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with an area of260 square kilometers. Ajman is agricultural located in HazarMountains. Fishing and date trees provided the local population with their primary means of sustenance. Ajman is benefited by union of the Emirates that is reflected in their stately buildings and infrastructure. There has been a regular influx of people from the neighboring emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, and other countries.Ajman has experienced massive development and a construction boom in recent years due to this reason. The recent developments of New Ajman is called "The Emirates City", a brand new city located directly on the Emirates Road to be built from scratch and consisting of more than 100 mid- and high-rise buildings.

Ajman developed one of the five star UAE resorts comprising a large hotel complex and shopping center. Aside from the shopping complex, Ajman is also home to more than fifty local and international retail shops catering to a variety of tastes. Banks, commercial souks, the Ruler’s office and a number of private companies also line the streets, marking the city’s growing economic significance and bid to become completely independent. Though not quite as intriguing as Dubai or some of the surrounding cities, Ajman certainly makes an interesting day trip or overnight stay.

Getting Around in Ajman
Taxi – The pretty easy way to move around in Ajman is a Taxi, and not a metered one. You can fix the price depending on the location you wish to visit and pay accordingly. A trip to Sharjah can come for just AED 10, while to Dubai can cost you about AED 40. Internally in Ajman it is not very expensive to travel.

Things to see / do

Ajman Museum
It is an old fort in the central square. Built in the late 16th century it has served as the ruler’s palace. In the 70’s it was put under usage as a police station. You can see different artifacts, manuscripts, and reconstruction of traditional life. It is one of the most important historical forts.

Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque

Ajman beach
Is always a nice place to spend the day in with the warm sun, white sands, and clear waters. Dolphin spotting is also a recreation activity enjoyed in the emirate.

The Etisalat Tower
It is thecity’s one of the main landmark. It’s designed in traditional mosque-style, painted turquoise and pink hues and enjoys a prestigious status with the very top resembling a giant golf ball.

More sites that can be visited are
The old waterfront area
The Ajman Khor shoal
The Dhow Yard (a boat-building area)
Mowaihat, an important archaeological site on the city’s edge, where a circular Umm Al Nar tomb was discovered, along with the painted ceramic vessels were found.
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